About Us

Prisa-about    Founded in 2000, the mission for PRISA is to bring exclusive sport gear to athletes.

In the sport of polo, we are innovators where tradition has dominated.  Our fresh approach to the sport, giving athletes what they truly need and want to perform at optimum levels, has helped us become a recognized symbol both on and off the field.

PRISA was first created in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Brand founders Prince and Sara developed name concepts and

the two settled on PRISA, the romantic combination of their two names as well as Spanish for “speed”.  The two heads, designed by Prince, in the style of classic Greco Roman male and female athletes complete the logo.

The brand has been worn top teams from Argentina since its conception.  We entered the US market in 2004 and have become quite recognizable on the field, particularly in high goal polo.  In 2005 we acquired our first European customers.PRISA continues to form new associations with both high and low goal teams around the world. 

Athletes at all levels appreciate the quality of workmanship, superior materials and the truly unique product that we provide. We have an in-stock program for teams looking for a quick set of jerseys, and we continue to improve our extensive range of made-to-order products for teams wanting to outfit fans, grooms, horses and players for every condition imaginable.  At the same time we are constantly developing product to use in promotion and off the field – the next generation of polo lifestyle clothing.